Switzerland Journey: Folklore show

by ozchinita
(Sept 8, 2013)

While in the old town of Lucerne, if you’re looking for an activity to do why not have dinner and a Swiss folkshow in Stadkeller.

It may be touristy and not an authentic Swiss folkshow, but I really enjoyed the format of the show and how they would invite people in to participate!

There were the musical performances using different local instruments…
IMG_3379.jpgIMG_3333.jpgThis one is called the Alphorn.. They actually asked for people who wanted to volunteer to try this instrument out.. I was so excited I immediately asked to try.. However its harder than it looks.. after several attempts I couldn’t make a decent sound come out of this! Embarassing since I was the only one of the volunteers who couldn’t make it play 😦 IMG_3367.jpg

They demonstrated a local danceIMG_3351.jpgAnother favorite activity here in Switzerland.. drinking beer! Volunteers all were asked to drink the beer in one go..IMG_3449.jpg

And the night ended with everyone forming a dancing line
There was a lot of audience participation all throughout the night, which made it more enjoyable since we weren’t just sitting watching.  Overall a good experience to know more of Swiss culture 😀

The cost of the dinner and folkshow was around 45 CHF per person.. But we felt the price was well worth it, a nice end to our first day here =)

time to head back to our hotel


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