Switzerland Journey: to Mt Rigi

by ozchinita
(Sept 9, 2013)

Today our agenda was a trip up to Mt. Rigi.  Mt. Rigi is one of two popular daytrips you can do from Lucerne.  Super recommend doing this as it captures exactly what has made Switzerland a special experience for me, those amazing vast mountain views.
IMG_3651.jpgEven after Murren, I would still say going up here is worth it.  From Murren the views were mountains and clouds.. While here it was green fields combined with the vivid blue of the lake so you won’t be getting the same view. But first, the challenge was figuring out how to get there.   When I researched for this, I got confused because of the many different ways that were suggested.  So rather than explaining all that, I’ll just show what our route is with pictures! It might not be the cheapest, but well worth it because the journey itself offers beautiful views. First, take the cruise from Lake Lucerne to Vitznau.  The ride takes around an hour but don’t worry, you won’t get bored with all the sights to see along the way. (I tried to limit the pictures here to my faves.. It’s still a lot because I found it so hard to pick!)IMG_3529.jpgIMG_3561.jpgIMG_3528.jpgThen it’s just a short walk to the Rigi Bahn train station (don’t worry there are signs when you get down so you won’t miss it).
IMG_3688.jpgTip: sit on the left side for the lake views going up. While the right side has mountains and cows… IMG_3616.jpgAnd finally.. we’re up at Mt. Rigi!!
IMG_3629.jpgIMG_3663.jpgIMG_3675.jpgRandom tip: the trains have limited schedules for departures, so check the schedules to be able to plan out what time you need to leave.  Especially when you’re up at Mt. Rigi, once you miss it the wait can be quite a while.  Or you can have a snack or meal in the restaurant up in Mt. Rigi while waiting.

Going down we tried a different route by getting off the train at Rigi Kaltbad and taking the cable car down to Weggis.  Personally I didn’t think the different route offered any different views, and with the wait and cramped cable car, I would have preferred to just go down the same route.  Maybe if you went to Mt. Rigi earlier and had time to linger at the different stops, it would have been fine.  But for us we left Lucerne at around 1 or 2 pm and so were trying to rush to catch the next boat ride.

For information on price and cost check the link here.  We took a round trip ticket so we don’t have to worry about purchasing individual tickets anymore.  If you have a swiss half fare you can get discounts on the ticket prices.


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