Italy series: Venezia

by ozchinita
(Sept 10, 2013)

With Paris and Switzerland done, it was time to head off into the 3rd country of our Europe trip – Italy
IMG_4177.jpgFirst stop is a city famous for its canals and gondolas.. the city submerged in water –  Venice! IMG_3878.jpg
What excites me the most about travels is the chance to see and experience a place and lifestyle totally different from my own.  And Venice definitely fits that description.  It was fascinating to see how the people worked around being surrounded by water in terms of the architecture, layout and mode of transportation of the city.
First thing we noticed right off the bat, was the many bridges and stairs scattered all throughout the city. IMG_3875.jpgI thought that the bridges would have some sort of ramps to make it easier for people, but nope they all had steps…  Which is fine when you’re strolling around exploring, but for that first day when we were lugging around our suitcase and trying to find our accommodations, seeing another bridge we had to cross was absolute torture.

Besides walking, another popular way to get around here is by boats.  There’s water taxis, gondolas and bigger boats that operate similar to buses that can take you around.  (Since we were cheapskates, we didn’t really use this option)

After checking in to our accommodation (and taking a nap to recover from our walk here), we were refreshed and ready to head out to explore.

Make sure you have a map when walking around, as the tall buildings and narrow streets (called calle) made it challenging to navigate around the area and at times felt like I was in a labyrinth maze.

The buildings although beautiful, lacked maintenance as you can see the dirtiness and wear and tear of the exterior.IMG_3866.jpg

And there’s all these small canals for those travelling by boat.

IMG_3870.jpgThere’s so much more I want to show from my visit to Venice.. But for now I’ll end this post here with just some first impressions I had.  We stayed in Venice for 2 nights and left on the 3rd day, which may not cover everything that Venice has to offer, but for me was enough to do the famous sights and get a feel for what this city is about.  I’ll be covering in my next posts more on what we saw and food we ate 🙂

– For those that plan to visit Venice, save yourself the grief, either pick accommodations close to the train station (with NO bridges to cross), or just spend on a water taxi ride to take you to your accommodation.


7 thoughts on “Italy series: Venezia

  1. Great post & lovely pictures! I disagree about the water-taxi though – I spent 6 days in Venice & Vaporetto (water bus) is by far the best and most cost effective way to get around when you’re not walking 🙂 Totally agree with the labyrinth of calle and canals, but that’s part of the intrigue of the city.

    • Thanks for the input! Around how much was the cost for the water bus and where do you find them? I wish i knew before I went.. would have taken the taxi rather than walked to our accomodation 😀

      • At the airport & train station you can find an ACTV or HelloVenezia kiosk. There we purchased Rolling Venice card, (available for people aged up to 29) for €4 then purchased a reduced priced 72 hour travel pass for €20. The standard single ticket cost is €7, which is pricey for one journey, but if you are just arriving and want to find your hotel is worthwhile. Without the discount card the tourist travel card prices are as follows:
        18,00 € – 12-HOURS
        20,00 € – 24-HOURS
        25,00 € – 36-HOURS
        30,00 € – 48-HOURS
        35,00 € – 72-HOURS
        50,00 € – 7 DAYS

        The travel cards allow you to travel to all the outlying islands or Murano, Burano etc too though so in my opinion are worth getting for at least a day.
        Hope that helps 🙂

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  3. Hi, thank you for this post it’s really helpful 🙂 just want to know if we can explore venice for a half day?

    • Hi! It is possible if its just the sights within st. Mark’s square or if you just decide to walk around and have a look.. But that would have you very rushed though.. Would still recommend a whole day

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