Italy series: Opera in Venice

by ozchinita
(Sept 10, 2013)

What you’ll find as you walk around Venice, is that there are heaps of signs advertising opera performances.  Now if we hadn’t researched, we probably would have just walked in any theatre we would pass along the way selling tickets for a show.  But before our trip we found this specific opera venue in Trip advisor that was highly recommended – Musica Palazzo.

The performance is held at a Venetian palace where the performers sing inside the rooms of the palace.  What I enjoyed about this particular opera and venue is because the actors are in the room with you and not on stage, you feel like you’re in the scene with them rather than just spectators.

The performance is entirely in Italian, so for 5 euros you can get a copy of the program where there’s a translation of the entire performance.

The performance is divided into three acts, with each act happening in different rooms of the palace.  So after each act the audience would switch to a different room before the performance starts.  Pretty cool since not only do I get to watch a show, I also get to take pics while waiting of the rooms inside an actual palace! 😀

They also offered free drinks during the intermission.. Perfect since I was really getting thirsty by that time.

One word to describe the performance.. powerful.  No mic and yet their voices carried all throughout the room, and their voices were just as powerful even while hitting the high notes!  A lovely first evening in our stay in Venice 😀

Random info:

  • Because of the small venue, better to book in advance to make sure you get a seat on the date you want to go, especially if you only have limited time to spend in Venice.
  • Can’t just be in your casual wear here, you don’t need to be in a formal dress but at least wear something a bit fancy.
  • Price is between 60-70 euros.  We couldn’t find where to book in the actual website, so this link is where we went to make reservations.

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