Gyoza Night at Osaka Ohsho

by blueclouds

It goes with the tagline: “World’s No.1 Gyoza!”, so off we go to try it.

Osaka Ohsho

Osaka Ohsho

Too bad though, we were only able to try the original because the the cheese and nori were already out of stock. Better luck next time. It was indeed yummy and you have 3 choices for the sauces: basic, chili, miso

Osaka Ohsho - Gyoza

We tried the black vinegar chicken, it was deliciously coated however we don’t know whether it was breading or fats haha! good for chicken skin lovers.

Osaka Ohsho - Black Vinegar chicken

Another viand was the beef with eggplant, it was soft but comes with much fats. It was also has a hint of spicyness.
Osaka Ohsho - Beef with Eggplant

For our rice, we had one original chahan which is actually a fried rice. And an additional order of plain chahan to go with our remaining food.

Osaka Ohsho - Original Chahan

On general note, I find their food oily which is quite disappointing. Except for the gyoza which I can recommend to try.

Osaka Ohsho

We were supposed to order salad but was not available too.


Osaka Ohsho
3rd floor, SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall
Open daily from 10:00am-10:00pm


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