Italy Series: Firenze

by ozchinita
(Sept 12, 2013)

After Venice, our next stop in the Italy trip was the city of Florence.  Known as the birthplace of Renaissance, the city has preserved its beautiful architecture and monuments, giving you a glimpse into what medieval Europe would have been like.IMG_4261.jpgWe arrived here from Venice in the afternoon, so we didn’t really have an agenda planned out for the first day.  After some googling, my friend suggested going to Pitti Palace/Boboli gardens. IMG_4200.jpg
You’re not allowed to take pics inside the museum.  So if you’re like me and more interested in scenic views rather than historical artifacts, I suggest skipping the museum and going straight for Boboli garden.
IMG_4244.jpgThis spot has good vantage points.. both of the city architecture as well as the Tuscan countryside.. IMG_4249.jpg

From the palace it’s just a short walk to San Lorenzo market.. We didn’t really look around so I’m not sure if this is a good shopping place.. But there are lots of tourists here so I expect the prices to be targetted more for tourists.

We just passed by the market to get to Ponte Vecchio, another well known spot in Florence where lots of people just hang out and enjoy the view.


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