Italy series: Siena

by oz chinita
(Sept 15, 2013)

From Florence we headed off to our next destination, the historic city of Siena.  We stayed here overnight as an inbetween place to our next destination (Rome).
IMG_4874.jpgSiena is a UNESCO heritage site, and is known as one of the best preserved medieval cities in Tuscany. IMG_4909.jpg
IMG_4776.jpgIMG_4643.jpgWhat’s interesting about this city is there would be some areas decorated with different types of flags like this.  Apparently these flags symbolize a specific district here in Siena. IMG_4835.jpgSights to see in SienaPiazza del Campo – What makes it unique is it’s fan shaped floor.  This is also the place where the well known event the Palio horse races are held. IMG_4885.jpgIMG_4810.jpgIMG_4814.jpgSiena cathedral – another example of Gothic architecture here in Italy.. Still think this is worth checking out even if we have seen a lot of churches on this trip already. IMG_4648.jpgIMG_4661.jpg
IMG_4705.jpgIMG_4719.jpg Inside the cathedral you can also see Piccolomini library.. lots of bright and colorful frescoes in the ceiling and walls of the library.
This pretty much covers the highlights of Siena already.  We stayed here overnight and tried to find other sights to see, but we didn’t see anything else special here apart from these places.

My suggestion is, either do this as a daytrip from Florence.  (The bus ride was less than 2 hrs).  Or stay more than a day here in Siena and use this as a base for other daytrips.  I saw some recommendations on day trips to San Gimignano, or Pienza or Montepulciano.  However since we left the next day to head to Rome, we did’t have time to do this anymore.


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