Italy series: Rome (Day 1)

by oz chinita
(Sept 17, 2013)

From Siena we then headed to Rome, our last destination in this Europe trip.
IMG_5075.jpgExploring the main tourist spots of Rome can be done in 2 days (even doable in 1 day if you have the energy for it). First day in Rome we took the train and headed to Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel.. And although I wasn’t really keen on going into another museum, I can’t go to Rome without visiting this must see tourist spot. The Vatican Museum hosts various art works collected by the Roman Catholic church over the years.. IMG_4929.jpgFrom paintings and sculptures to historical artefacts.While the Sistine Chapel is known for the mural made by Michelangelo in the ceiling of the chapel. Didn’t feel like taking a photo here because of the huge crowds of people cramped in the tiny space.. Just looked up to see the mural, then looked immediately for the exit.

Again, like any other famous tourist spot in Europe, there’s a LOOOT of people and expect long queues.  Do yourself a favor, and book ahead of time.  You will still need to queue up, but the lines move quicker as compared to just going there on the day.

I didn’t really enjoy this part of the trip.. as far as museums go still prefer the Louvre.  We were done in around 2-3 hrs

Next one is the St. Peters Basilica, which is just a short walk from the Vatican Museum.
IMG_4954.jpgFor the Catholic and Christian faith, this is the site where the apostle Peter died and was buried. As expected, we encountered again another long queue of people trying to enter into the church.  Entry is free, so there’s no booking we can do ahead of time to skip the line. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait that long as the line was constantly moving.  So it took us just around 30 minutes wait to get inside.  It was packed but still there was enough room to move around and take pictures.. IMG_5034.jpg
IMG_5057.jpgAfter the Vatican area, we then walked back to Roma Termini station, passing by these sights along the way…IMG_5079.jpg
And so ended our first day exploring Rome… really tiring and a bit challenging to explore and just take in all the sights because of how filled with tourists everything was.


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