Italy Series: Daytrip to Amalfi Coast

by ozchinita
(Sept 19, 2013)

This is the last day in Italy and I wanted to squeeze in one last destination that we can do as a daytrip from Rome.  My first choice was actually Pompeii (based on the fact that that was the only place I knew), but my well traveled colleagues directed me to check out Amalfi Coast instead.
IMG_5624.jpgAmalfi coast is a stretch of coastline located along Southern Italy, and also another popular tourist destination.  It consists of several well known villages such as Sorrento, Positano and Ravello. IMG_5346.jpg
IMG_5335.jpgBecause of the long distance that needs to be covered, you can’t tour this place on just public transportation (especially as a daytrip).  Either you rent a car and drive, or if like us you can’t drive, book a daytrip tour. I highly recommend this private tour we got from Viator which is the most affordable option we could find for a private driver.   We just had to take the train to get to Naples, and we were picked up and dropped off from there at the end of the daytrip. The nice thing as well is that we didn’t have to stress out figuring how to get from one spot to another, and we could control how long or how short we would stay in each spot. Some of the highlights of our daytrip.. First stop.. town of Sorrento IMG_5378.jpgIMG_5355.jpgIMG_5362.jpgMore beautiful coastal views on the way to Positano IMG_5418.jpgIMG_5431.jpgSome local booths we saw along the way.. lots of lemon and chilli IMG_5427.jpg2nd town we stopped at Positano.. it’s hard to drive through as there was only one narrow lane to drive through the town.  But I loved how quaint and charming this town looked. IMG_5471.jpgIMG_5498.jpg
After Positano it was 2 pm already and we were starving and eager to eat lunch.. The driver dropped us off at this beautiful restaurant located along the coast in between Positano and Amalfi.
We had a wonderful seafood themed lunch of pizza, pasta and

And the final stop in our daytrip.. the town of Ravello.. It again offers more amazing views of the coast.
There were a lot of memorable places and sights throughout our whole travel to Europe.. and this trip to Amalfi Coast was one of them.. What a wonderful way to end the trip on a high note! 😀


10 thoughts on “Italy Series: Daytrip to Amalfi Coast

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  2. Hi! I would just like to ask please what time did the driver pick you up from Naples? My friends have hesitstions as they think we need to leave Rome very early. Thanks!

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