My Italy 10 day itinerary

by ozchinita

Italy was the longest leg of my Europe trip, and for those that plan to go and want to get some ideas.. here’s the summary of the itinerary we planned out.

2 Days in Venice (from Lucerne)
Around Venice
Watching the Opera
St. Mark’s Square
Walking in Venice

2 Days in Florence
Day 1
Day 2

Daytrip to Cinque Terre from Florence

1 Day in Siena

2 Days in Rome
Day 1
Day 2

Daytrip to Amalfi Coast

Random tips:

  • We used trains to travel all throughout Italy.  The only exception was Siena where it was easier to ride the bus to get to the old town of Siena.
  • If you have more days for Italy, better to do Cinque Terre as an overnight (or even 2 night) trip.  The place is really crowded and transportation is limited so that makes it challenging to do a daytrip.
  • Train travel could be cheaper if you book months in advance.
  • Saw this website giving a lot of the same advise I was given when eating out in Italy.. good info to know

Highlights of Italy:

  • Just walking around Venice (as long as I don’t have any luggages)
  • Cinque Terre (beautiful views.. and it was a nice change of pace from all the old buildings and churches)
  • THE FOOD!! pasta, pizza, gelato, and lots of seafood dishes.. The food here is more affordable compared to Paris and Switzerland.
  • Seeing relics of ancient times.. the Colosseum from Rome and the Renaissance buildings and artworks in Florence.
  • Amalfi Coast!! This was the only sightseeing where we splurged on a driver to take us around.. And it was such an enjoyable and relaxing way to end our trip.

Cost Summary: This is the cost per person for a group of 3 people.  Food is not included, and transportation costs may be different depending on how much walking you prefer to do.

  • Accommodations:
    Venice – Hotel Dalla Mora (nice accommodations but was a tiring walk from the train station when carrying around luggage) = 111 EUR pp for 2 nights
    Florence – Sette Angeli (a bit hard to find, but was a good location easy to get to from the train station and clean & good accommodations) = 127.5 EUR pp for 3 nights
    Siena – B&B Piazza Duomo (hospitality was amazing, the room was huge and had the most complete amenities, but a reaaally tiring walk to get here.. I was huffing and puffing by the time we got there) = 62 EUR pp for 1 night
    Rome – Delia BB (close to the train station and good and clean rooms). 200 EUR pp for 4 nights
  • Transportation:
    Lucerne to Venice = 31 EUR (this is a promo price for booking in advance)
    Venice to Florence = 19-29 EUR
    Florence to Cinque Terre = 35 EUR (to get there and get around the 5 villages)
    Florence to Siena = 7 EUR (via the bus)
    Siena to Rome = 23 EUR
    Around Rome = 11 EUR (for 3 days)
  • Food: just an estimate, but we tried to keep it to max of 20-30 EUR per person for lunch/dinner.. Breakfast is less than 10 EUR.  Unless you want to go for the fancy restaurants.

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