Japan Travel (Day 2): Kyoto

by ozchinita
(Nov 27, 2013)

Day 2 in our Japan trip and we head off to start exploring Kyoto.

To get here we took the bullet train from Tokyo which takes around 2-2.5 hours.  Then we first had lunch at one of the restaurants inside the train station.

This is pretty common all throughout Japan, where you can order food via a vending machine.. It gives you a ticket which you then give to the staff for them to prepare.  There was no english here, so I just picked the one that showed a picture.

order via vending machine

Then we went to check in our luggage at our accommodations. By the time we actually started exploring, it was 2-3 pm already.

To get around Kyoto, we took a combination of trains or buses, and basically just follow my friend around.  Because we would take so much time taking group pics, we actually just covered 2 temples during the daytime.. here are some of the photos from the 1st one we went to .. Shimogamo temple.. Entrance is 400 yen pp.

cleansing ritual before entering the temple

In this particular area, we noticed a lot of girls ringing the bell, praying, and walking around the structure 2-3 times before ringing the bell again… So we’re guessing this must be something to help bring luck in the love life department..

praying for good fortune

While waiting for the bus to go to another temple, we go to a nearby convenience store for warm snack called oden..

It reminds me of chinese hot pot as there’s various sticks of food that you can order.. nothing fancy, but with the warm soup.. it was perfect for the cold weather.

It was starting to get dark so we next head off to the best spot (according to my friend) to see the autumn colors at night.. Kiyomizu-dera temple.


5 thoughts on “Japan Travel (Day 2): Kyoto

  1. So beautiful ☺
    From the picture it looks like the place was not very crowded despite being in peak autumn season. . Was it really the case?

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