Japan Travel (Day 3): Autumn day in Kyoto

by ozchinita
(Nov 28, 2013)

Today we have a full day to explore more of Kyoto..
IMG_6094.jpgKyoto is just filled with temples everywhere.. But if you’ve been to other countries in Asia, temples aren’t such a big deal anymore because even countries like China or Korea for example has temples that look the same. So from the beginning I knew that I didn’t want to spend our limited time here in Kyoto just going from one temple to another.. I wanted to just pick maybe 1 or 2 special ones, and find something else to do! The previous day we had already covered the best one for autumn night viewing.. And for today we only had one must do temple to see, Kinkaku-ji temple.

entrance to the temple is 400 yen

What makes this temple unique from others that you might have seen before is it’s gold exterior, set in the middle of this beautiful landscape. IMG_6104.jpgBut seeing the temple was just secondary to the beautiful colours of autumn..  I think I took more photos of the autumn colors than I did of the temples..

IMG_6132.jpg IMG_6140.jpg
There’s a sitting area at the end of the temple where people rest, drink tea, and yes.. more snack foods being sold!

After a late lunch,


we took a bus to the outskirts of Kyoto to Arashiyama.. We didn’t head in to the temple anymore, but just took photos in the garden before again exploring the shops and stalls there.

streets of Arashiyama

Before this trip, my goal has always been to visit Japan in spring and see the famous cherry blossoms… I haven’t done the spring yet.. but the autumn one has not disappointed us and is just as pretty.


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