Japan Travel (Day 3): Kaiseki dinner in Kyoto

by ozchinita
(Nov 28, 2013)

Kaiseki is known as traditional multi-course Japanese dinner that is popular in Kyoto.  It’s several mini meals that supposedly not just tastes good, but are presented like works of art.  So of course, I added this to my to do list for our visit to Kyoto.

The problem though was where to go and how much it will cost.  A lot of the recommendations in the internet would mention staying in a traditional ryokan which included that meal in the accommodations, or if there were restaurants, the prices would be at least 6,000 yen for a meal.

We were in Kyoto station at the time looking for a place to eat, and we saw plastic food displays outside one of the restaurants which looked similar to Kaiseki meals.. Although not super fancy or authentic, the price range was from 2k-4k yen! No discussion was needed, we all immediately agreed to have dinner here.

It took me so long to start eating because I was taking so many pictures of not just my own order, but my friends’ orders as well.. Everything looked so cute!!

Normally, I would complain at eating such tiny servings, but surprisingly, it was enough to at least not be hungry anymore… And given that Japan has sooo many snacks and treats, this might be better because you still have room to eat after! 😀 😀


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