Japan Travel (Day 5): Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

by ozchinita
(Nov 30, 2013)

Our Kyoto portion of the trip is now over and we head off to the next destination. Hiroshima!

We take the early morning bullet train to Hiroshima which takes around 120-150 mins.  By the time we arrived at Hiroshima train station it was lunch time and we were ready to eat.. So before checking in to our accommodations, we first have lunch in the station.. One of the known local dishes is okonomiyaki.  This is a savoury pancake with varied ingredients, usually with egg, meat and lettuce.

I forgot how we found this, but we ended up in an area of the station lined with little restaurants.. This one in particular had quite a queue so we assumed it should be good and lined up to eat.

They cook the okonomiyaki in front of you so it was nice we got to see how they prepare it besides just eating.

In Hiroshima their style of preparing okonomiyaki is different wherein they layer the ingredients rather than mixing them together starting with the batter, then the veggies/noodles and the meat or protein.

They then fold it up and chop it before serving..

One plate of this was more than enough and I actually wish we shared because it’s quite filling.
Cost of the lunch was around 662.50 yen (at least for my order), so quite affordable!



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