Japan Travel (Day 5): Daytrip to Miyajima

by ozchinita
(Nov 30, 2013)

After the okonomiyaki lunch in Hiroshima, we went for a daytrip to Miyajima island.

We initially wanted to stay in the island overnight, but found the accommodations too expensive so did this as a daytrip instead.

Details on how to get to Miyajima island.

Once there, we walked toward the sight of the island, the Itsukushima shrine.. It shouldn’t have taken long, but we got distracted along the way..

Taking pics with the deers roaming around..

But mainly stopping by all the food stalls along the way.. The good thing about having a big group to explore it.. we all kept buying and sharing the food we would get! 😀

fresh oysters – we waited quite a while because of the long queue.. good news is we got some extra free ones for the wait 😀

Momiji manju – like mini cakes with different fillings.. I remember liking the cheese one I think.. (or was it cream?)

Fried mochi – there was oyster and eel.. (Didn’t really like this one.. was just okay)

Finally got to the spot where we can best see the floating tori gate to get pictures

Then it’s to the 5 storey pagoda..

We didn’t reach the pagoda itself because we ended up goofing around with the falling autumn leaves along the path.

group photo!

And just like that, it was dark already and time to head back to Hiroshima..

Had dinner (wasn’t anything special so didn’t take note of it anymore) before heading back to our accommodations at Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

Happy with how our day went! 🙂


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