Japan travel (Day 6): Hiroshima Peace Park

by ozchinita
(Dec 1, 2014)

Before leaving Hiroshima, we ended this leg of the trip with a visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial park.
IMG_6821.jpgSo far our trip has been all about seeing beautiful places and having fun.. But this site is just as important for tourists to go to in order to be reminded of how ugly things can get during times of war. Previously a busy downtown and commercial district, but after the nuclear attack hit this area, one of the buildings damaged by the attack has been kept as is in order to have a visual memory of the devastation the bomb brought on this place. IMG_6815.jpg
Best way to get the most out of the visit here is to have a guide explain the history of what happened.  We didn’t really plan for this but luckily there was a local volunteer who offered a free short guide of the area.

I’m not a huge history fan and typically find facts and dates boring, but what was good about this is you get a more personal recounting of the event.  He would point out sights such as where the bomb hit, and the aftermath of it, tell us stories of some of the families and people that were affected… as well as some interesting trivia.. one of the items I remembered was that apparently part of the technology used in that nuclear bomb was invented by a Japanese (the irony)..

We were just here for less than 4 hrs because we had to catch our next train.. but I wish we had more time to visit the museum and learn more.. Visits to places like this help open up your way of thinking and gain insight on the world’s history..


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