Japan Travel (Day 6): Kobe beef dinner!

by ozchinita
(Dec 1, 2013)

After visiting the Hiroshima Memorial park, we took the bullet train to Osaka for the next part of the trip.  Again, if you have the JR pass the cost is covered for the ride and it takes around 1h40 m to get there by bullet train.

Since Osaka is just a 30 min train ride to Kobe, I inserted another food wishlist in while here.. A dinner of Kobe beef!

I found some blogs recommending Kobe Beef Steakland which is just walking distance from Hankyu Sannomiya Station.  Once you find this sign you’ll know you’re in the right place.

The beef was served tepanyaki style, so we were all seated in this long table and the beef gets cooked right in front of us.

pic taken when we were still not grumpy and hungry from waiting

They had set menus which includes soup, rice and a small side dish with price ranging from 5200-6000+ yen.  We arrived here quite early (around 5:30 pm) and there was hardly any people inside so I expected that we would get served pretty quickly.. That wasn’t the case though and we started to get grumpy and hungry as we kept WAITING for them to start cooking.

Finally after an hour plus of waiting, they got around to our table to start cooking..
The steak of beef allotted for each person looked big, but once they started cutting it up and serving it to us.. it looks so small!!

At this point everyone was not in a good mood already and I was worried that will spoil the experience.. But once we had a bite of that beef.. everyone’s spirits lifted and we were again happily enjoying and raving about how soft the beef was.  The description melts in your mouth is really the perfect way to describe what it felt to eat this.

So despite the less than stellar service, I was still happy to have gone here and tried out the beef.  And since it was small servings, it just satisfied us enough so we weren’t hungry anymore.. but there’s still room left for more snacking…

Which is just fine because we’re heading back to Osaka after this meal for some more street food eating!!


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