Japan travel (Day 6): snacking at Osaka

by ozchinita
(Dec 1, 2013)

After our Kobe beef dinner we headed back to Osaka for some more night snacking.

We headed for Dotonbori, one of the popular tourist destinations in Osaka.  The many bright lights, shops and food in the area actually reminds me of New York’s Times Square.
IMG_6897.jpg   Eventhough I can’t read any of the signs, its a pretty safe assumption that they were food related because of the decoration of their signs. One of the popular street snacks that we tried is the takoyaki.  It’s a ball shaped snack which typically has some sort of protein inside (like octopus).  I saw this in some of my fave animes, so wanted to try it out! IMG_6888.jpg
Another item we were able to buy before leaving Osaka is their Japanese Rikuro cheesecake.  My friend absolutely loves this and bought a whole cake which she brought all the way back to Tokyo.  This was my first time tasting this and the texture of the cake is light and fluffy, definitely not the typical cheesecake you would expect.

Unfortunately we only had the night in Osaka before heading off to our next destination.  But still a fun pitstop and would definitely try to come back to be able to explore the city of Osaka more 😀


2 thoughts on “Japan travel (Day 6): snacking at Osaka

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