Japan travel (Day 10): Disney Sea

(Dec 5, 2013)

Our last 4 days we spent in Tokyo for just more eating and shopping.  But one of the days there we allotted for a group trip to Tokyo Disney Sea.. although there are several Disney theme parks around the world already, Disney sea is the only one with this nautical concept for the park.

And just like any Disney theme park, the challenge is always how to make the most of your day here to do all the rides, see all the shows, despite the huge crowds of people wanting to do the same thing.

But thanks to my friend’s amazing planning, she had for us an hour by hour itinerary of what rides and shows to do, analyzed based on the area where each one is located.

I got tired just looking at her plan, and was wondering whether we would have fun given that it looks like we’ll just be rushing from one place to another…

But surprisingly, it wasn’t like that at all! And although we missed out on some of the items in her plan, we were able to cover a lot of the rides and shows without feeling harassed.

Here’s some pictures of our time in Disney Sea..

Shots of each of the areas of the park

The parades during the day..
IMG_7731.jpg and night.. IMG_7890.jpg
The food..

Meeting the characters..

And thanks to the fastpass, we split up to register for rides so that there was minimal waiting times by the time we get there.

The day was exhausting but the most fun I have had in a Disney theme park.. Special thanks to our friend for the detailed itinerary planning that made this day all worthwhile 😀


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