Japan Travel (Day 8-13): around Tokyo

(Dec 3-8, 2013)

After visiting Takayama, we head back to Tokyo for the last few days of our trip.

Apart from a daytrip to Disney Sea and Mt Fuji, we had no specific agenda in mind and just did what we felt like on the day.

Turns out what we felt like doing was more eating.. and shopping!

Here’s some of the pics of what we did..

We went to Lake Kawaguchiko which is supposed to be a good area to see Mt. Fuji from.. Unfortunately it was super foggy that we didn’t get to see anything 😦  Plus it was apparently a public holiday of some sort that shops were all closed and the place was empty.. Hence we took this photo instead

The one upside to this trip is the blue rose soft serve ice cream I got to try in the shop outside the train station.. At least there was a highlight to going all the way here!

Eating ramen near Ikebukuro station.. there’s a long queue outside so we assumed it must be good!

See the Hachiko statue at Shibuya station

One Piece store in Shibuya!! (Huge anime fan so was part of my must go to list)

Of course, a must in Japan should include sushi

Desserts with green tea on them

Browsing the food booths in the department store in Shibuya – found this pretty dessert Daifuku

Clothes shopping and Grocery/food shopping

On our last night, home cooked okonomiyaki..

And for our last day, a 100 yen sushi train restaurant!

This trip has been so much fun and makes me want to come back again to see other stuff I didn’t get to cover in this trip.

Japan I will be back!!


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