Spain Travel: Must see of Granada

(Oct 6-8, 2014)

From Barcelona we took the overnight train for an 11 hr train ride to Granada, the next stop in our trip.

Granada is a small city located in the Andalusia region, in the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I didn’t really know anything about Granada beforehand, (whenever I think of Spain it’s always just Madrid and Barcelona).. but Granada became one of my favorite cities in Spain because of the UNESCO heritage site Alhambra.
IMG_9953.jpgAlhambra is it’s own mini city with a palace, courtyard and garden built during the time when Muslims occupied Granada. IMG_0133.jpg
IMG_0262.jpgThe Muslim influence is evident in the Islamic architecture seen inside. Here’s some of the pics of my favorite features as we went inside Nasrid Palace. IMG_0181.jpg
IMG_0215.jpgAlhambra alone makes Granada a worthwhile stop in your Spain travel.  I recommend staying here at least overnight to see this place.


  • Buy tickets in advance as there is a limit to the number of people that can enter and tickets get sold out easily.
  • Take a guided tour or an audio guide
  • Alhambra covers a huge area.. there’s Nasrid Palace, Generalife, the Garden, Alcazaba.. because the tickets are on a timed entry basis, don’t expect to be able to cover everything in your one visit.  I recommend prioritizing Nasrid Palace first.. check and make sure you enter Nasrid palace at the entry time specified in the ticket, otherwise you won’t be able to go in anymore.
  • The other areas don’t have a specific entry time, but you will only be able to access them at the time range specified.  So if you try to enter past the time slot you chose in the ticket, then you won’t be allowed to anymore.

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