Spain travel: Pueblos Blancos

(Oct 9, 2014)

From Seville we went on a day tour to see the white towns (pueblos blancos) in the Andalusia region.  These are a series of towns and large villages located in Southern Spain which are characterised by the whitewashed walls and brown tiled roofs.
IMG_0455.jpgIMG_0471.jpgThese villages are usually located up in mountainous areas, so it’s not accessible by trains.  To get here, you either need to drive, or take the bus (which has limited services in between villages).

So for this one I pushed my friends to splurge on getting a day tour so that we can cover more than one village without wasting time rushing to meet the bus schedule.  We took a tour with Not just a tourist that covers three different white villages.

Here’s some pics to show the stuff we saw while on the tour..

View of the 1st village we went to – Zahara
Inside the village IMG_0501.jpgIMG_0480.jpg

The 2nd village we went to was a bit bigger and had more shops and restaurants in Grazalema
And the last one was the most well known of all the white villages we went to, in Ronda…
Highly recommend doing a daytrip like this and enjoyed my own experience seeing these places.


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