Morocco travel: Weekend trip from Seville

(Oct 10-12, 2014)

From Seville we took a weekend tour with Discover Excursions to Morocco.  This was the only one I found that was affordable yet covered activities and the place I wanted to visit in Morocco.

This was our hotel accommodations during the trip.. It felt like such a luxury to me already given that our previous accommodations had all been budget B&Bs.

A typical meal in Morocco.. couscous, tagine, of salad and bread.

After the long drive, we finally got to the blue city of Chefchaouen.. there was a short tour by a local guide before giving us free time to walk around on our own and do some shopping.. More pics of the city in my previous post here.

At night there was a cultural performance while we had dinner..

On the 2nd day there was a camel ride..
IMG_0944.jpgA pitstop in the port town of Assilah with again some free time to look around and shop.. IMG_0986.jpg
And that was the last stop before it was time to head back to Seville.. a good tour if you want to get a taste of Morocco but don’t want to worry about arranging it yourself. The only catch is the tour is more targetted towards students as everyone but us was a US exchange student.. Nevertheless the itinerary itself is more cultural than a party trip so eventhough I’m older than the typical people who join this tour.. still had fun and don’t regret joining 🙂


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