Morocco travel: the Blue City Chefchaouen

(Oct 10-12, 2014)

Morocco was actually not in my travel plans as I originally just planned to go around Spain.  But when I found out about this Blue city in Morocco, I was adamant about putting this into the itinerary, even if just to see this place.
IMG_0828.jpg But the logistics on how to get here was not as easy as I thought.  From Seville we would have to get to the port town of Tarifa by bus (3 hrs + long), then take a ferry ride to the port town of Tangier in Morocco (1 hr long).  From there it’s another long drive to get to Chefchaouen. Rather than worry about all of that, I instead thought it easier to look for some sort of short tour that can take us from Seville to there. The only one I found that fits the bill is this weekend trip from Discover Excursions.  Here’s some pics of our trip to the blue city of Chefchaouen! IMG_0802.jpg
IMG_0817.jpgIMG_0849.jpgIMG_0891.jpgIMG_0893.jpg Had lunch at this restaurant IMG_0899.jpg
IMG_0841.jpgThe different stalls scattered around the city IMG_0792.jpg
A lot of the people in this tour actually went around shopping, but for me I was happy just walking around and taking heaps of photos.. This is a really photogenic place and I had no regrets going on this tour because of this city 😀

** Travel tips:

  • When shopping always bargain! They mark up their prices and try to get more out of you.  Also if they agree to the price you want already, it’s considered rude to not buy it.
  • If you don’t want to be harassed to buy, then ignore and don’t show interest.
  • We were told to dress more conservatively, ideally covering the arms and legs.. (Although not everyone followed this dress code anyway)
  • Don’t try to take pictures of the locals, they consider that rude and will get mad if you do.

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