Morocco travel: Astapor bay of Game of Thrones

(Oct 16, 2014)

The main reason why we went to Marrakech is because of two daytrips I wanted to do.. One of which is Essaouira.. aka Astapor bay from the tv series Game of Thrones!  Astapor bay is where Daenarys went to purchase the army of Unsullied to invade Westeros.

Essaouira is a port city next to the Atlantic ocean, distinguishable by it’s fortified walls, big population of seagulls, and fishing boats lining the shore.. Here’s a few photos on our walk around the area
IMG_1202.jpgIMG_1176.jpg And since it’s near the sea, there were lots of booths selling seafood next to the sea. IMG_1155.jpg
This is some of the pics while we explore the medina
On the way to Essaouira, we stopped by an Argan oil cooperative for some shopping.. Argan oil can be used for cooking or as dip for breads as well as a beauty product for skin and hair care.

And we stopped to take pictures of this strange sight.. Goats standing in the branches of the trees! Apparently they climbed up and are eating the nuts used to make the Argan oil.
IMG_1129.jpgEven if you’re not a GOT fan, it’s still a worthwhile place to go to see what port cities in Morocco are like.. And it’s a more relaxing place to explore compared to the medina in Marrakech.




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