Morocco travel: the Red City of Game of Thrones

(Oct 17, 2014)

Our 2nd daytrip from Marrakech is another place well known from the Game of Thrones tv series.. Ait Ben Haddou aka The Red City of Yunkai!

While Essaouira was near the sea, this fortified city is located high in the Atlas mountain area.
IMG_1275.jpgIt was a long drive to get here but the mountain views kept me occupied during the drive.. IMG_1237.jpg
IMG_1234.jpgOnce we got to Ait ben Haddou, a local guide led us to the city.. Here are some of the pics.. IMG_1289.jpgIMG_1280.jpg IMG_1267.jpg Besides Game of thrones, Ait ben Haddou has been the filming location for several movies such as Prince of Persia and Gladiator to name a few. IMG_1318.jpg
The buildings in the town is made of mud and straw to help keep the inside of the building cool from the dry heat outside..
IMG_1300.jpgWe also got to look inside one of the houses, where a few locals still reside in.  The locals can speak French, so some of the other people in our group was able to converse with them while having a snack of nuts and mint tea 😀

And of course, the city had various small shops in the hopes that tourists would stop and buy..IMG_1344.jpg
The one item I was REALLY tempted to buy was these paintings..
I don’t know what ingredient they used, but initially the picture would start out like this..
IMG_1320.jpgAnd after placing it on top of the gas burner, like magic the painting changes color and looks like this! IMG_1321.jpg Various sights around the city on our climb to the top IMG_1310.jpgIMG_1313.jpg
As you can tell from the many photos I showed here, this was another one of my favorite places that we visited throughout this trip.. A must do daytrip from Marrakech!


4 thoughts on “Morocco travel: the Red City of Game of Thrones

  1. Thanks so much for your update! I’ll be taking my teenage daughters to Ait Ben Haddou next month, and I am super excited to go after reading your blog. I really like your photos, too. Hopefully by then I’ll have my travel blog up and running by then so perhaps we’ll be able to compare and share memories 🙂

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