Spain travel: around Madrid

(Oct 18-19, 2014)

Madrid is the last stop in our trip to Spain & Morocco before heading back to Barcelona to fly back home.

The well known tourist spot to go here is Prado museum, which is Spain’s main national art museum.  BUUUT if you’re not interested in art or museums (like me), I recommend just skipping this place.. (I went in just because it was the must do here, but I really could not get into it).. ORRR if you really want to go, get either an audio or tour guide so that you won’t just be blankly staring into one painting after another..

Besides the museum, there wasn’t anything else in my must visit list for Madrid… The buildings and plazas were just like any other typical European city.. The upside is this gave us enough time to focus on trying out restaurants since we weren’t rushing to get to a particular tourist spot.

For example, you would think that since we were in Spain, it would be easy to find good churros.. But it wasn’t!  Churros is normally a breakfast meal rather than dessert so we hardly find any restaurants that offer churros in the afternoon or night once we’re finished exploring.. But my research of food places in Madrid led me to this place Chocolateria San Gines which specializes in churros, ANDD is open 24 hrs!!  Finally we got our churros fix!

The churros was crispy and the chocolate thick as compared to other churros we have tried.. So  pretty happy with this recommendation 😀

Madrid is also where the Guiness book’s “oldest restaurant in the world” is located..

The prices are quite expensive though (close to 20 euros for main dishes), and we each needed to order a dish.. The food was good, but not great that I would come back here.. I think it’s more of the title of being the oldest restaurant that people go here.

The best food experience I had while in Madrid was at Mercado San Miguel…

Now THIS is what I was looking for.. good quality food, a huge variety to choose from, and tapas servings costing less than 5 euros!  There was everything from cheeses, seafood, wine, desserts, and so much more!!

So if you’re ever going to Madrid, don’t expect much in terms of tourist-y places.. But there are spots of good food and shopping here to enjoy.  In my itinerary Madrid was last leg of the trip so it’s a good place to start slowing down and relax in.  Also Madrid is a good location for daytrips to Toledo and Segovia. My next post will share about one of these daytrips we did, which was to the small town of Segovia.


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