2.5 week Spain/Morocco itinerary

If you’re looking to do a similar itinerary that covers Spain & Morocco, I’ve posted here more details on the plan we did, the research on the cost and the logistics on where to stay and how to get there.

The itinerary we did starts and ends in Barcelona during the month of October.

I’ve posted several blog entries of each part of the trip, but these are my favorite parts, mainly because these are sights and experiences that are unique to the place we went to:

Seeing all the Gaudi architecture from Barcelona

Trying out various tapas in Mercado San Miguel in Madrid

The Alhambra fort in Granada

Exploring the various sights in the city of Seville..

Which also happens to be the location of Dorne for Season 5 of Game of Thrones.. I only found out they were shooting here at the same time of our arrival when I saw the actor playing Jamie Lannister in one of the restaurants we passed by!!

too shy to approach for a pic.. BIGGEST REGRET EVER!

The daytrip to three white villages of Andalusia

Walking around the blue city of Chefchaouen in Morocco

Seeing the Red City from Ait ben Haddou

And the port town of Essaouira

On hindsight, things I wish could have been done better..

  • Getting walking tours around Spain.  Except for the Gaudi ones, the other buildings pretty much started looking the same and I couldn’t really appreciate it without the stories behind them..
  • In Morocco – getting a guide to explore the city.. I was too worried about being safe and not being scammed that I didn’t really explore the city of Marrakech..
  • FOOD!! – I wish I could have splurged more on food.. except for a few restaurants that I got to try from my list, because we were always trying to keep it cheap my experience of Spanish food was not as great as it could have been 😦
  • Accommodations – the accommodations we picked via airbnb is not that great, the only one I was happy with was the Seville accoms as well as the last leg of our Madrid.  But I guess that’s the risk with booking through airbnb.

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