Japan Fangirl travel series

(Nov 22-30, 2014)

Last Nov 2013, I posted here a 2 week itinerary of what me and a group of friends did around Japan.  In that trip we aimed to make full use of the JR pass to cover the must sees from 4 main areas – Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto/Hiroshima (with a village visit to Shirakawa go inserted in).

But even after being here twice already in the past, I still haven’t ran out of places and experiences I want to do.. Especially since I’m such a geek when it comes to mangas, animes and RPG video games! 😀

So when I saw that Cebu Pacific (budget PH airlines) had a promo for flights to Tokyo (15k PHP incl taxes total for 2 ppl!), I immediately booked flights for a trip with my cousin.

This time around the trip is for 10 days for just 2 people.  With a shorter duration, we focused more on sights/activities within Tokyo, with a few days side trip to Osaka/Kyoto.

The trip was a mix of sights of old Japan..

City views..

Japanese culture references only fans of mangas and anime would appreciate..

Classes on specific Japanese traditions/customs..

A day of beautiful autumn colors and temples in Kyoto…

And of course, lots of eating in between 😀

As usual, Japan did not disappoint.. This trip covered a side of Japan that I didn’t get to experience with my previous trips.. And I went back home with heaps of fun memories and stories to tell.. Japan still remains my FAVORITE country to travel to (more so than Europe)..

To follow with more details on the upcoming posts! Then at the end of it will share what the itinerary was for this trip 😀


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