Japan Fangirl travel: Accommodations in Tokyo

(Nov 22, 2014)

For this trip the accommodations we got was a hostel in Asakusa called K’s house Tokyo Oasis.

a cute welcome

We got the double ensuite room which had its own private bathroom and a tatami bench area.  Although small, the room was clean and had enough space for us to sit and lay out all our food and random shopping from the day out.  The interior of the room was minimalistic but had a comfortable homey feel to it.

And if you feel like staying in, there’s a communal area with a TV and various DVDs.  A complete set of kitchen facilities are available as well, so if you are on a tight budget but still want a wide range of food to eat, just go to the nearby supermarket and eat in!

supermarket bought lunch while watching a Studio ghibli movie 😀

all the supermarket choices from sushi, tempura, grilled food and desserts

And for some last minute gift shopping, there’s a 24 hr don quixote store a short walk from the hostel which sells literally EVERYTHING you can think of.. From gadgets, food, household items and clothes.

Summary of pros and cons of this accommodation:


  • If you want to stay in the Asakusa area or be near the Akihabara station this place is the ideal base to stay in
  • Affordable rates (even cheaper if you go for the shared rooms)
  • I liked their facilities! There’s free wifi, communal kitchen and living room area, and some weekly events posted in the bulletin board for guests to join in.
  • Walking distance from a train station
  • Friendly and accommodating staff
  • Walking distance to a convenience store, restaurants and a bigger supermarket
  • Near the don quixote shop for last minute gift shopping
  • Homey, quiet atmosphere..


  • Getting here is not fully covered by a JR pass.  The closest train station to the hostel is Asakusa (Tsukuba).  And to get here you will have to pay 210 yen to take the Tsukuba express line each time from Akihabara station.
  • The location is not as central as I thought.  If you aim to explore Tokyo and are pressed for time, it might be worthwhile to check for accommodations near the JR Yamanote line.  In order to get to the JR Yamanote line from here, the train ride would take us at least 25 minutes to get to the nearest station of the JR Yamanote line.  From there it’s an additional time to get to the other areas we wanted to go to like Shinjuku, Shibuya or Harajuku.
  • If you plan to go to other cities like Kyoto and Osaka, it again will take time as you need to travel to Tokyo station.

Overall, if I were to go back to Tokyo I would probably try to find accommodations closer to central Tokyo if I was pressed for time.  But if I can’t find anything with a comparable rate to what we got here, I would be happy staying here again!


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