Japan Fangirl travel: Around Asakusa

(Nov 22, 2014)

Since our accommodations is in the Asakusa area, this is the first area we explored in our trip!
IMG_0024.jpgAsakusa is famous for the Sensoji temple and is a good district in Tokyo to explore and get a feel for old Japan. IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0029.jpgThe temple is a popular tourist spot so it was really crowded… still I loved all the activity around the temple and was interesting to see some of the practices done by the locals.  Here we saw all of them crowding around the incense area and waving the smoke towards their face.. Not sure what it means though is it as some sort of good luck maybe??
IMG_0022.jpgAnd of course, lots of street food to try! IMG_9996.jpg

Besides Sensoji temple, the area also has interesting shopping streets to browse through..
While researching for places to eat, one recommendation that popped up was this restaurant called Daikokuya, known for their Ebi Tempura fried in sesame oil along with the heavier flavor of their soy sauce.. The sign was in Japanese, but it’s pretty easy to spot because you’ll see a long queue of people outside the restaurant waiting to get in 🙂

We can’t read Japanese, but best tip to know which food to try.. Look for long queues.. This was what made me try this snack.. Which I later found out is called menchi-katsu… minced meat with onions covered in bread crumbs.. Really yummy and juicy!!! Was planning to go back for seconds in our last day in Asakusa but got distracted with other food finds along the way :))

We walked around further at night when there was hardly any people.. A bit spooky seeing all the places deserted..
And that was pretty much it for Asakusa! If you’re in a rush, this is doable for 3 hrs.. but if you like taking your time, trying out food and looking at knick knacks sold. can easily be half a day’s worth of exploring.. 🙂


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