Japan Fangirl travel: For Shonen Jump fans!

(Nov 23, 2014)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. The best part about planning your own travel itinerary is when you find hidden spots not typically found on any tour trip that are specific to your own interests.

For me and my cousin, one of the things we bonded over growing up was our love of animes and mangas.. So now that it was just the two of us travelling to Japan, we scoured the internet for places in Tokyo that had references to our favorite anime and manga.

We found just the place with J-World tokyo, a theme park located inside Sunshine city mall in Ikebukuro.

It’s not a huge place and you can easily see everything here within an hour.  But if you’re a fan like us, it will probably take longer as we wanted to take photos of everything we saw!!IMG_0208.jpgOne Piece is the name of one of the famous long-running series from Shonen Jump manga about a group of pirates adventuring in various lands.. This is a story that I have consistently followed since back in uni.. so was excited to explore the One piece area of the theme park and see all the characters and references to this!

main character – Monkey D Luffy!!

The rides.. References only a OP fan would appreciate.. And OP-themed food! And we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were a lot of cosplayers inside the theme park.. so we didn’t even have to go to Harajuku anymore as we got to take pics with cosplayers inside the park! Another popular series that has now ended is all about ninjas.. Naruto!! IMG_1145.jpg

Naruto’s fave ramen stand!

Staff in Shinobi uniforms


Naruto and Sakura cosplayers

There were lots more here that I wasn’t too familar with.. but for Shonen Jump manga fans, this is well worth a visit!!




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