Japan Fangirl travel: Namco Namja town

(Nov 23, 2014)

Besides J-world tokyo, another place we visited which was outside your typical tourist spots is this small theme park in Sunshine city mall, Namco Namja town.
The only reason we put this in our itinerary was for the ice cream.. We saw in the website that they have this ice cream shop that sells 50 different kinds of ice cream flavors.IMG_0982.jpg

What makes this ice cream shop interesting is the types of flavors they had.. These are just some of the unusual flavors on offer here..

garlic, edamame, wasabi, prawn, curry and ramen flavored ice cream

How it works is they give you a list of all the different ice cream flavors they have, you pick 6 different flavors you want to try, and they give you a small tray to taste!

Since our goal was just to try the ice cream, I expected we would be ready to leave in 1-2 hours max… But again I didn’t expect how much fun it would be to explore other areas of the theme park.. 

Besides ice cream, they also had this gyoza stadium showing all the weird and yummy ways gyoza can be made around Japan..

We didn’t get to try it all and just picked the unusual ones we haven’t seen before

until now I still don’t know what this was made out of

They also had some great spots to take photos in like this area here which looks like an alley out of old Tokyo..
IMG_1102.jpgIMG_1106.jpgThere was some fun looking rides and games I wish I could go into but they were all in Japanese :((
IMG_1007.jpgAlso it looked like there was some sort of scavenger hung going on all throughout the theme park.. We saw several people holding this device and pointing it to certain areas and winding it up to see something in the device’s screen.  Then they would go off to other areas and do the same thing..

Besides that device, there were also people holding cat statues like the one below, and at certain areas they would place the cat statue in the pedestal, and a video would show up.. I’m guessing it gave some sort of clues as they would start writing stuff down and going off to other areas of the park.. I wanted to find out what they were doing and play too!! 😦 😦

IMG_0113.jpgWhen it comes to theme parks in Japan, people usually go to places like Tokyo Disney or Osaka’s universal studios.. And yes those are amazing places.. But small theme parks like this are just as entertaining (even if I didn’t understand the language) and provides an interesting insight to Japan’s unique brand of fun and entertainment..


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