Japan fangirl travel: around Shinjuku

(Nov 23, 2014)

After the theme parks in Ikebukuro, we headed off to Shinjuku, one of Tokyo’s business, shopping and entertainment areas.

This district here is Kabukicho district.. the largest red light district with seedy bars, nightclubs and entertainment shops..
IMG_0256.jpgWe came here to watch the popular Robot show.. while waiting we found a nearby bar for a quick dinner..
IMG_0263.jpgIMG_1154.jpgIMG_0259.jpgIMG_1040.jpgThen it’s off to the Robot restaurant for the show!First we were all directed to this waiting area for some drinks..
IMG_0274.jpgIMG_1155.jpgSome short entertainment while waiting..
Before the main show started..
IMG_0426.jpgIronically although called the Robot show, I didn’t actually see a functioning robot used in the show.. The robots shown would just be people dressed up in costumes..IMG_0400.jpgThe show didn’t really have an overall theme apart from lots of flashy lights, girls wearing sexy costumes, big machines, and loud music.. Still it was a fun experience seeing this kitschy style of entertainment that I’ve only ever seen here in Japan..

Best way to enjoy if you’re going to see this show is just stop thinking for a while and just take in all the craziness and have fun with it!



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