Japan fangirl travel: Tsukiji market

(Nov 27, 2014)

After the stopover to Osaka/Kyoto, we were back in Tokyo and woke up bright and early to go to Tsukiji fish market!IMG_1128-2.jpgBut first thing before exploring, was to have breakfast.. a sushi breakfast! The two restaurants that are always recommended by blogs for quality sushi in Tsukiji market is Sushi Dai or Sushi Daiwa… It’s easy enough to find it since there’s always a long queue outside..
IMG_1104-2.jpgThe staff was really friendly and they have worked out a system to efficiently provide the dishes to customers without you feeling rushed to finish..IMG_1096-2.jpg

These are the different sushi dishes we got to try! IMG_1509.jpg IMG_1498.jpgIMG_1512.jpg After breakfast, we went around exploring the market.. IMG_1146-2.jpg
IMG_1139-2.jpgWe also went to an area near the market with more restaurants, shops, and street food to explore and try out!

IMG_1518.jpgIMG_1157-2.jpg IMG_1159-2.jpgIMG_1165-2.jpgDefinitely a must go for when you visit Tokyo!! And make sure to go here hungry so you can enjoy all the food they offer!


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