Japan fangirl travel: Ninja class!!

(Nov 28, 2014)

Besides sushi, temples, kimonos and animes.. Another item on my Japan bucketlist is knowing more about ninjas!! Since watching the anime Naruto, I’ve been hoping to find an activity where I can learn more about their culture and traditions, and hopefully dress up as a ninja for the day.. After some googling, I found one in this website here that offers a half day class within Tokyo.

Honestly I was a bit apprehensive about whether we will enjoy this given that there wasn’t a lot of reviews and I’m not familiar with this website.  I was half expecting this cheesy class that is geared towards younger kids…

Fortunately I was wrong and this ended up being another highlight of our trip!

The class was in an actual Ninja dojo and we started off with a demonstration from a ninja master..
IMG_1721.jpgAfter we got a crash course in the different tools and weapons that they commonly use.

And we ended with some short exercises.. my fave was throwing the ninja stars!

I recommend this for anyone who wants to know more about ninjas and who wants a different Japan experience than what you would get on tour groups..


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