Japan fangirl travel: for Studio Ghibli fans!

(Nov 28, 2014)

Next in my geek filled itinerary for Japan is a visit to the Studio Ghibli museum!

For those not familiar with Studio Ghibli, this is like Japan’s very own Pixar.  They have produced several well loved animation films.. One of the more popular films is Spirited Away which won an Academy Award for best animated feature film.

I have watched the movies but I can’t say I’m a HUGE fan.. However I still loved visiting the museum because of how they show the technicalities and processes behind the traditional method of animations…

These are some of the cell art with scenes drawn in separate layers to give a 3D feel.  They are shown in this small square window frame that allowed us to peek in and feel like we were looking in to a different world.

Another favourite of mine was the moving exhibits like this one.. It doesn’t look impressive here, but once the lights start flashing and the figures started spinning, you can see the animation come to life in person!

After we shopped in the souvenir store and explored the area.. We took some last photos of the outside of the museum before heading off.

After the museum, we then looked for this coffee shop in the Tokyo suburbs known for their Totoro cream puff!




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