Japan fangirl travel: Omoide Yokocho alley

(Nov 28, 2014)

IMG_1302-2.jpgAnother thing you can do while in Shinjuku is head for Omoide Yokocho to eat or have some drinks..    IMG_1306-2.jpgOmoide Yokocho translates to “Memory Lane” and dates back to 1940s post war Tokyo… This alley is full of izakaya style restaurants for people after work to go to and have a drink..

We had a light and cheap lunch here of yakitori style food.. And because everything was in Japanese.. I just prayed that I didn’t pick anything strange in the process..
IMG_1266-2.jpgIMG_1265-2.jpgThe food is nothing fancy.. just simple grilled food on a stick..IMG_1268.jpg
If you do decide to go here, it’s better to visit at night in order to experience the grit and seedy atmosphere this place is known for.


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