10 days Japan itinerary

Now that I’ve finished my Japan fangirl travel series of posts, for those that want to see the itinerary I’ve shared in this page the link to my very obsessive research on our plans.

This itinerary focuses mainly on Tokyo with a few days in Osaka and Kyoto.  And because me and my cousin have been to Japan before on separate occasions, our personalized itinerary was geared more towards the childish and sometimes geeky fascination we have on specific Japanese culture (meaning animes and mangas) and less on the more common tourist spots.

If you have more days to spend in Japan, you can easily add in more days in Osaka or Kyoto or maybe go to another area of Japan.  You can check out another itinerary I’ve posted on the Japan page which is for 2 weeks and involves more areas of Japan.

Writing about my travel and looking back on my photos still brings a smile to my face remembering the people I’ve met in the trip and the experiences me and my cousin got to have.  Japan has so many things to offer for photographers, nature lovers, city people, foodies, and kids or kids at heart.. I’ll definitely be planning another trip to Japan in the future to see a different facet of this country that I haven’t gotten to yet.



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