Taiwan in 4 days: Aquatic Addiction Development

(Sept 14, 2015)

Last year I wanted to fit in a short travel trip to an Asian country while I was visiting relatives in the Philippines.  Taiwan is a good option since the travel time from Phlippines isn’t long, it’s not an expensive place to travel to, and 4 days was enough time to go around.

This time around the itinerary we had planned was mainly focused on food (which Taiwan is known for), with sightseeing (and maybe some shopping) in between.

First food place we went to was a seafood market/food hall called  Aquatic Addiction Development.  When my cousin first suggested it and I heard it was a seafood market, I was expecting a wet market with smelly seafood all around..

So I was surprised to find the market looking like a posh food hall..IMG_2461.jpg

Although it’s not local Taiwanese dishes, it’s still a worthwhile place to go to while in Taiwan for their fresh seafood!IMG_2477.jpg
IMG_2487.jpgWe queued up for one of the food stalls for a Japanese seafood lunch!IMG_2493.jpg
IMG_2497.jpgIMG_2507.jpg IMG_2508.jpg


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