Taiwan in 4 days: Night markets

Taiwan is best known for street food.. and the best place to get that is in night markets!

Here’s a quick peek into the night markets we got to go to and the sights along the way..

Shilin night market

you can’t skip out on drinking milk tea when in Taiwan..

fried milk! I wasn’t sure if I would like this but I ended up buying more after 😀 😀

Raohe St Night market
Must try!!! I don’t know what seasoning they put in but this is SUPER TASTY!!
IMG_2531.jpgIMG_2544.jpg IMG_2527.jpg
Wufenpu market.. Not a food market, but you can go here for wholesale clothes shoppingIMG_2556.jpg

This is definitely not a comprehensive exploration on the night markets.. there was so much on offer that I didn’t get to try that is worth going back to a 2nd time around..


5 thoughts on “Taiwan in 4 days: Night markets

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