UK series: London in 2 days

(Sept 22-23, 2015)

Generally I’m not a fan of big cities.. For me city buildings lack character and all look the same with their glass walls, dull grey colors, and boxy shapes.  I want places where I can explore and see colors, patterns and different architectural styles.. Something that tells me I’m in a new place outside my home.

And although London is known as a busy, commercial city.. It still keeps it’s charm by preserving landmarks and buildings that show you of a past era..

In just 2 days, here are some of the sights we covered!

Leadenhall market – this wasn’t along the way of our planned walking route… But I saw it mentioned that it was used to represent Diagon Alley and Leaky Cauldron from Harry Potter so of course the fangirl in me pushed for a quick stopover here

After this we headed off to see the sights around the Southwark district..

Views of the Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast and Thames RiverIMG_2715.jpg
Butler’s Wharf..

Walking along Tower Bridge
To get to the Tower of London – must do to see the Crown jewelsA free guided tour by a “Beef Eater” – the guards for the Tower of London

I don’t know what direction we started walking, but we ended up in the Waterloo district where we saw the London Eye

And views of Big Ben/Westminster.
IMG_2880.jpgWestminster AbbeyIMG_2996.jpg

Icons of London.. the tube and red double decker bus

the iconic red phone booth

Roundabout near Trafalgar square

Capping off the day with a musical at Westend

My absolute fave experience from London was visiting Buckingham Palace which we did in Day 2.
Check to see if the British flag is raised! If it is, then it means the Queen is not in residence, and you are allowed to go inside the palace for a tour

Pictures aren’t allowed inside, but I had a great time learning about the practices and traditions that goes into the life of royalty and how they entertain VIPs.. This is the closest experience I can get to seeing what their everyday life is like..

This is the only area we were allowed to take photos in.. This is where the queen would host garden parties for special guests..

With just 2 days, I was pretty happy with the ground we covered in that short time.. Of course, there is SOOO much more to see here; especially if you’re familiar with UK pop culture references.

I personally would want a round 2 visit of London to cover more in terms of food (BIG fan of Heston Blumenthal), maybe do some fangirl tours around Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes references.. and of course shopping!!

But with only 2 weeks for my Europe trip this time around.. it was time for me to say goodbye to London (for now) and head off to our next destination.. Until my next post in this UK/England series of my Europe trip!!


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