Taiwan in 4 days: Night markets

Taiwan is best known for street food.. and the best place to get that is in night markets!

Here’s a quick peek into the night markets we got to go to and the sights along the way..

Shilin night market

you can’t skip out on drinking milk tea when in Taiwan..

fried milk! I wasn’t sure if I would like this but I ended up buying more after ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

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Taiwan in 4 days: National Taiwan Science Centre

(Sept 14, 2015)

Because we’re a fan of all things cute, we went to the National Taiwan Science Education Centre for their temporary Moomin exhibit!

It’s just a small exhibit and easily done in less than 2 hours, but fun for photo ops !

Taiwan in 4 days: Aquatic Addiction Development

(Sept 14, 2015)

Last year I wanted to fit in a short travel trip to an Asian country while I was visiting relatives in the Philippines. ¬†Taiwan is a good option since the travel time from Phlippines¬†isn’t long, it’s not an expensive place to travel to, and 4 days was enough time to go around.

This time around the itinerary we had planned was mainly focused on food (which Taiwan is known for), with sightseeing (and maybe some shopping) in between.

First food place we went to was a seafood market/food hall called  Aquatic Addiction Development.  When my cousin first suggested it and I heard it was a seafood market, I was expecting a wet market with smelly seafood all around..

So I was surprised to find the market looking like a posh food hall..IMG_2461.jpg

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Japan fangirl travel: Omoide Yokocho alley

(Nov 28, 2014)

IMG_1302-2.jpgAnother thing you can do while in Shinjuku is head for Omoide Yokocho¬†to eat or have some drinks.. ¬† ¬†IMG_1306-2.jpgOmoide Yokocho translates to “Memory Lane” and dates back to 1940s post war Tokyo… This alley is full of izakaya style restaurants for people after work to go to and have a drink..
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Japan fangirl travel: Sushi making class!

(Nov 27, 2014)

Next item in my Japan wishlist is to go for sushi making classes.  Based on trip advisor reviews, I booked classes through this website.

Our host and teacher in the class is this lovely and kind housewife named Yuka Mazda.

The class was held inside her lovely home and she had all the ingredients ready for us when we arrived.

Here’s some pictures of the results of our class!

IMG_1556.jpgIMG_1575.jpgBesides the sushi, we were provided with a tofu dish appetizer, miso soup and some dessert after!! IMG_1585.jpg

It was a fun experience and well worth it! Make sure you go hungry as there is a lot of food to eat after ūüėÄ

Japan fangirl travel: Tsukiji market

(Nov 27, 2014)

After the stopover to Osaka/Kyoto, we were back in Tokyo and woke up bright and early to go to Tsukiji fish market!IMG_1128-2.jpgBut first thing before exploring, was to have breakfast.. a sushi breakfast! The two restaurants that are always recommended by blogs for quality sushi in Tsukiji market is Sushi Dai or Sushi Daiwa… It’s easy enough to find it since there’s always a long queue outside..
IMG_1104-2.jpgThe staff was really friendly and they have worked out a system to efficiently provide the dishes to customers without you feeling rushed to finish..IMG_1096-2.jpg

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Japan fangirl travel: Osaka eats at Dotonbori

(Nov 24-25, 2014)

Because my last stop at Osaka was too short, I wanted to go back here again.. This time around I stayed in Osaka for 2 nights near the Dotonbori area so we could explore more of the food here..
These are some of the food we got to try..

Matsusaka beef at Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M said to rival Kobe beef for quality.. (still prefer Kobe beef though) IMG_1193.jpgOf course, when in Osaka you have to eat takoyaki
IMG_0480.jpgThen there’s grilled crab (this is just the street food, there’s a recommended restaurant for crab¬†Kanidouraku Dotombori-Honten.. but it was full so we didn’t want to wait anymore)..IMG_0487.jpgAnd for dessert the Pablo cheesecake!
IMG_1216.jpgAlthough the heart was willing, our stomachs weren’t… There was so much more food options available in Dotonbori that I missed out on STILL. ¬†Osaka I will be back!!

PHL | Must Try!!! Lechon Sisig by XO 46

Lechon Sisig

XO 46 The Heritage Bistro is known to serve both Filipino and Spanish dishes. Upon entering their restaurant, you will be greeted by their servers in pure Filipino Language and they are dressed in the country’s National Costume to complete the feeling of how it was in the past.

Lechon is a popular pork dish in the Philippines and is usually cooked until crunchy.

Sisig is a Kapampangan term which means “to snack on something sour”. It is most commonly known as a method of cooking which comes in three phases: boiling, broiling and grilling.

We were confused whether to order the Cebu Lechon or the Kapampangan Sisig. So, to get the best of both worlds, we tried Lechon Sisig and we were not disappointed with it. The usual ingredient for sisig is the pig’s brain, ears and other inner organs. While the Lechon Sisig has mostly meat, maybe just a few fats but were unnoticeable because it was cooked to crunchiness and topped with mayonnaise with a little spice to play with one’s taste palate.

Call for Reservation

XO 46 Bistro Filipino (3 Branches)
Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons
(+632) 532-1652

Century City Mall
(+632) 556-8143

G/F Le Grand Condominium 130 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
(+632) 553-6632 or (+632) 553-6635

THA | 3 Days Trip to Phuket


Seat Sales from Airlines come almost every month and you just have to be wise and plan accordingly. When curiosity strikes for a destination, then I check on the rates. At first, I was eyeing for Bali, Indonesia but then ended up for Phuket, Thailand because of the price. Then asked for friends to join me, luckily I managed to convince 2 other girls to join. The trip is on! We booked the flights in February 2014 for a September 2014 flight.

Phuket is one of the southern provinces of Thailand.

On 26 December 2004, Phuket and other nearby areas on Thailand’s western coast suffered extensive damage when they were struck by the Boxing Day tsunami, caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Almost all of the major beaches on the west coast, especially Kamala, Patong, Karon, and Kata sustained major damage, with some damage caused to resorts and villages on the island’s southern beaches. (Source: Wikipedia)

By February 2005 many damaged resorts were back to business, and life slowly returned to normal. Following strenuous recovery programs, no tsunami damage can now be seen except on the most remote beaches. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Japan Travel (Day 6): Kobe beef dinner!

by ozchinita
(Dec 1, 2013)

After visiting the Hiroshima Memorial park, we took the bullet train to Osaka for the next part of the trip.  Again, if you have the JR pass the cost is covered for the ride and it takes around 1h40 m to get there by bullet train.

Since Osaka is just a 30 min train ride to Kobe, I inserted another food wishlist in while here.. A dinner of Kobe beef!

I found some blogs recommending¬†Kobe Beef Steakland which is just walking distance from¬†Hankyu Sannomiya Station. ¬†Once you find this sign you’ll know you’re in the right place.

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