Japan fangirl travel: Shibuya crossing

(Nov 30, 2014)

On our last day in Tokyo we went to Shibuya to do our last minute shopping before ending the trip.
IMG_1512-2.jpgShibuya is one of the main districts of Tokyo known for entertainment and shopping..

I’ve mentioned Shibuya briefly already in a previous post for the popular Hachiko statue which is found near the station.. And for One Piece fans there’s a small area in the Parco department store dedicated to all One piece memorabilia.

One other popular sight found here is the crazy Shibuya crossing.. This time around I wanted to also get a chance to take a photo of it as everyone crosses the intersection at the same time.. IMG_1489-2.jpg


Shopping around Bandung

Besides food, Bandung is known both among locals and to Malaysians as a place for bargain shopping.  Because there’s a lot of clothing factories based here, the overruns are placed in factory outlets scattered throughout the city.

You can easily find out which are the popular ones just by asking the hotel or your taxi driver.  To get around, you can rent a taxi for a day, but that doesn’t include any parking fees that you need to pay (which almost all of the factory outlets have) of 2,000 rupiah (20 AUD cents).

The difficulty I had while researching for which factory outlets to go to, is that eventhough a lot of blogs in the internet would say which outlets are popular for shopping, they wouldn’t say or show what items you can find there.  The common brands I would find (which I believe are authentic) is Cotton On, Guess, some H&M, Forever 21, Espirit and if I’m lucky a few Zara and Mango.

Having said that, I wasn’t just looking for getting branded clothes at a lower price.  I wanted to find clothes that had some sort of style to them and was fashionable.

And in a lot of the factory outlets, you can’t expect to find something like that.  If you’re going to look for jeans, or simple tank tops or t shirts, then yes you’ll find a lot at bargain prices.  But otherwise, you’ll probably get disappointed by the choices available.

The only factory outlet I went crazy shopping at is Rumah Mode.  Compared to the other factory outlets, this had a cleaner, fancier atmosphere where even if I didn’t shop, the place in itself gave that local feel because of the architecture and statues around the area.

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