Morocco travel: the Red City of Game of Thrones

(Oct 17, 2014)

Our 2nd daytrip from Marrakech is another place well known from the Game of Thrones tv series.. Ait Ben Haddou aka The Red City of Yunkai!

While Essaouira was near the sea, this fortified city is located high in the Atlas mountain area.
IMG_1275.jpgIt was a long drive to get here but the mountain views kept me occupied during the drive.. IMG_1237.jpg
IMG_1234.jpgOnce we got to Ait ben Haddou, a local guide led us to the city.. Here are some of the pics.. IMG_1289.jpgIMG_1280.jpg IMG_1267.jpg Continue reading


Morocco travel: Astapor bay of Game of Thrones

(Oct 16, 2014)

The main reason why we went to Marrakech is because of two daytrips I wanted to do.. One of which is Essaouira.. aka Astapor bay from the tv series Game of Thrones!  Astapor bay is where Daenarys went to purchase the army of Unsullied to invade Westeros.

Essaouira is a port city next to the Atlantic ocean, distinguishable by it’s fortified walls, big population of seagulls, and fishing boats lining the shore.. Here’s a few photos on our walk around the area
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Morocco travel: city of Marrakech

(Oct 15-18, 2014)

Besides the weekend tour to Morocco, we took our own separate trip from Madrid to Marrakech, a northwestern city in Africa.
IMG_1353.jpgFor our accommodations, we tried staying at a traditional Moroccan house called a riad. IMG_1103.jpgThis particular riad (name is Monriad, found through airbnb) was located walking distance from Djemaa el-Fnaa square which I thought would be an advantage so we won’t have a hard time exploring the market. The riad was just as I imagined with the intricate designs in the walls and use of bright colors.. IMG_1093.jpg The breakfast was also included in the room rate.. It’s pretty simple fare, but it was filling enough to satisfy my hunger at the start of the day..What I loved the most from Morocco was their mint tea.. My friends didn’t enjoy it because it was too sweet, but I loved the taste of it and would ask for their share if they don’t want it anymore 😀

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Morocco travel: the Blue City Chefchaouen

(Oct 10-12, 2014)

Morocco was actually not in my travel plans as I originally just planned to go around Spain.  But when I found out about this Blue city in Morocco, I was adamant about putting this into the itinerary, even if just to see this place.
IMG_0828.jpg But the logistics on how to get here was not as easy as I thought.  From Seville we would have to get to the port town of Tarifa by bus (3 hrs + long), then take a ferry ride to the port town of Tangier in Morocco (1 hr long).  From there it’s another long drive to get to Chefchaouen. Rather than worry about all of that, I instead thought it easier to look for some sort of short tour that can take us from Seville to there. The only one I found that fits the bill is this weekend trip from Discover Excursions.  Here’s some pics of our trip to the blue city of Chefchaouen! IMG_0802.jpg
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Morocco travel: Weekend trip from Seville

(Oct 10-12, 2014)

From Seville we took a weekend tour with Discover Excursions to Morocco.  This was the only one I found that was affordable yet covered activities and the place I wanted to visit in Morocco.

This was our hotel accommodations during the trip.. It felt like such a luxury to me already given that our previous accommodations had all been budget B&Bs.

A typical meal in Morocco.. couscous, tagine, of salad and bread.

After the long drive, we finally got to the blue city of Chefchaouen.. there was a short tour by a local guide before giving us free time to walk around on our own and do some shopping.. More pics of the city in my previous post here.

At night there was a cultural performance while we had dinner..

On the 2nd day there was a camel ride..
IMG_0944.jpgA pitstop in the port town of Assilah with again some free time to look around and shop.. IMG_0986.jpg
And that was the last stop before it was time to head back to Seville.. a good tour if you want to get a taste of Morocco but don’t want to worry about arranging it yourself. The only catch is the tour is more targetted towards students as everyone but us was a US exchange student.. Nevertheless the itinerary itself is more cultural than a party trip so eventhough I’m older than the typical people who join this tour.. still had fun and don’t regret joining 🙂