Around Melbourne

by oz chinita

This August marks my 5th year of living here in Melbourne (and in Australia)! During that time I’ve posted about my various excursions within Victoria as well as other states in Australia. But this time I wanted to show the sights closer to home.. in Melbourne CBD. Although not as popular as Sydney, Melbourne has it’s own unique character that makes it just as interesting to explore..

The pictures below are just a few I’ve taken over the course of my stay here.

Flinders train station

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Adelaide revisited: Hahndorf

I’ve touched on this place before in my first trip to Adelaide here… but I loved it so much that I wanted my friend to see it even if I have to go a 2nd time around..

Hahndorf is a small town in Adelaide Hills, 30 minutes drive from the city and just a short distance from Cleland Wildlife park. It’s considered as Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement.

shot of the village during Autumn

So what is there to do while in this town?

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Adelaide revisited: Cleland Wildlife Park

By ozchinita

One of the standard things tourists would do when visiting Australia is to go see the koalas and kangaroos. There are wildlife parks in most of the cities in Australia that offer you an up close look at these popular Aussie animals (I know Melbourne and Sydney have them).  But if your only chance to do this is in Adelaide, then head to Cleland Wildlife park. The park is around a 30 minute drive from the CBD.. And while in the area you can go to the nearby Mt Lofty Summit to see views of the city.

It was raining when we went so lots of fog and very cold.. But still not a bad trip as the photos had a spooky/mysterious effect to it because of all the fog.

The nice thing about these wildlife parks is that unlike zoos, the animals are not enclosed in cages.  So you can get close to touch the animals in their habitat.

Here are some other photos I took of the animals in action..

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Adelaide revisited: Museums

By ozchinita

To continue my previous post on exploring more of Adelaide, one other good option especially on rainy/cold days is the museums.

The South Australian Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia are both located in North Terrace and are right next to each other so you can easily do both in half a day.

Best part, admission is free except for special exhibitions.  Like most Australian places, opening hours are only until 5 pm, so make sure if you want to do this to not go after that time.

We arrived in the Museum around 4.30 pm, so not really lots of time to look around.. Here’s a few shots I got inside the museum.

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Adelaide revisited: Rundle Street

By ozchinita

An unexpected visit of a high school friend in Australia prompted another trip back to Adelaide just for a weekend of catching up and some sightseeing.

I’ve already posted here some of the popular sights in Adelaide and the surrounding area.  So on this 2nd trip, I wanted to go/see places that I didn’t have the chance to the first time around.

In the CBD, even if you don’t plan to do any shopping.. just walking along Rundle street gives you some beautiful sights for photos..

Adelaide arcade

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Easter 2013 in Adelaide

For this Easter, we were still a bit tired from our activity filled trip to New Zealand, that we just wanted to go somewhere to take it easy and sightsee at a relaxed pace.

Thanks to a Jetstar flight promo, me and my 2 friends did a 4 day/3 night trip to Adelaide in South Australia.  Our only plan.. rent a car, and decide when we get there what to do!

We arrived on Good Friday, when everything was closed and the city was like a ghost town.  So we just spent the day walking around the city. Since living in Australia, I’ve travelled to a city in each state, and I found there’s a standard pattern as to what to expect to see (the only exception to this was Alice Springs in NT).

First there’s the Victorian style architecture

post office


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A mountain getaway in Victoria

For scenic mountain landscapes, bushwalks, or just for those who want to escape the city life, relax and have nature just outside your doorstep, the Grampians in Victoria is a lovely spot to go to and get away from it all.

It’s a pretty long drive from Melbourne CBD (around 3-4 hours), so if you do decide to go here, it’s best to stay a minimum of one day overnight. For our case we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in Grampians.

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Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef

This Easter holiday, me and some friends went to Cairns, Queensland home of the famous Great Barrier Reef! I was so excited to put to use my underwater camera… I had high expectations to the variety of fishes/corals I will get to see.

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Western Australia – Rottnest Island

If you’re in Perth and looking for a quick, relaxing getaway… Rottnest Island is a good place to go to.. either as an overnight weekend trip, or for a daytrip. “Rotto” as known to the locals, is a secluded island popular for siwmming, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, diving and cycling.

To get to the island, you would need to take a ferry ride either from Fremantle or Perth.  From Fremantle it takes around 25 minutes to get there, and 1.5 hours from Perth.  Be sure to check the schedules of when these ferries depart.. There are a few services available out there, for us we took Rottnest Express from Fremantle.

What I love about the island is that although a popular spot for tourists, the island is mostly untouched by commercialization.  There’s only a few shops and cafes near the pier, but apart from that the rest of the island is kept bare.  Cars can’t be brought to the island and to get around the area you either have to take the bus (the only bus operating in the island), or ride a bike, or walk.

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Derwent Valley road trip (Day 4 of Tassie trip)

Last day of our trip in Hobart!  For today’s agenda we wanted to make the most of our car rental and looked for a one day road trip.

There are many suggested day drives available here .. but the one that we chose was the Derwent Valley drive.

I must say so far in my travels around Australia, Tasmania has had the most scenic driving routes I’ve seen.  Both this and the Heritage Highway drive we did boasted some wonderful landscape scenery of the countryside.. Vibrant green fields and hills everywhere that I just had to stop by the side of the road in order to capture what I saw..

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