10 days Japan itinerary

Now that I’ve finished my Japan fangirl travel series of posts, for those that want to see the itinerary I’ve shared in this page the link to my very obsessive research on our plans.

This itinerary focuses mainly on Tokyo with a few days in Osaka and Kyoto.  And because me and my cousin have been to Japan before on separate occasions, our personalized itinerary was geared more towards the childish and sometimes geeky fascination we have on specific Japanese culture (meaning animes and mangas) and less on the more common tourist spots.

If you have more days to spend in Japan, you can easily add in more days in Osaka or Kyoto or maybe go to another area of Japan.  You can check out another itinerary I’ve posted on the Japan page which is for 2 weeks and involves more areas of Japan.

Writing about my travel and looking back on my photos still brings a smile to my face remembering the people I’ve met in the trip and the experiences me and my cousin got to have.  Japan has so many things to offer for photographers, nature lovers, city people, foodies, and kids or kids at heart.. I’ll definitely be planning another trip to Japan in the future to see a different facet of this country that I haven’t gotten to yet.



Japan fangirl travel: Tokyo station

(Nov 30, 2014)

IMG_1577-2.jpg Although not a tourist spot, I found Tokyo Station another nice spot to go to for pictures.  The interior design and architecture of the building was so different from the other train stations in Japan.

After some research, found out that this red brick building dates back to the Meiji period, surviving from the time when the station opened in 1914.
IMG_1561-2.jpgAnd the interior was beautiful from the floor, the roof and the walls!IMG_1566-2.jpgIMG_1568-2.jpg

Japan fangirl travel: Shibuya crossing

(Nov 30, 2014)

On our last day in Tokyo we went to Shibuya to do our last minute shopping before ending the trip.
IMG_1512-2.jpgShibuya is one of the main districts of Tokyo known for entertainment and shopping..

I’ve mentioned Shibuya briefly already in a previous post for the popular Hachiko statue which is found near the station.. And for One Piece fans there’s a small area in the Parco department store dedicated to all One piece memorabilia.

One other popular sight found here is the crazy Shibuya crossing.. This time around I wanted to also get a chance to take a photo of it as everyone crosses the intersection at the same time.. IMG_1489-2.jpg

Japan fangirl travel: Omoide Yokocho alley

(Nov 28, 2014)

IMG_1302-2.jpgAnother thing you can do while in Shinjuku is head for Omoide Yokocho to eat or have some drinks..    IMG_1306-2.jpgOmoide Yokocho translates to “Memory Lane” and dates back to 1940s post war Tokyo… This alley is full of izakaya style restaurants for people after work to go to and have a drink..
IMG_1286-2.jpgIMG_1304.jpgIMG_1278-2.jpg Continue reading

Japan fangirl travel: for Studio Ghibli fans!

(Nov 28, 2014)

Next in my geek filled itinerary for Japan is a visit to the Studio Ghibli museum!

For those not familiar with Studio Ghibli, this is like Japan’s very own Pixar.  They have produced several well loved animation films.. One of the more popular films is Spirited Away which won an Academy Award for best animated feature film.

I have watched the movies but I can’t say I’m a HUGE fan.. However I still loved visiting the museum because of how they show the technicalities and processes behind the traditional method of animations…

These are some of the cell art with scenes drawn in separate layers to give a 3D feel.  They are shown in this small square window frame that allowed us to peek in and feel like we were looking in to a different world.

Another favourite of mine was the moving exhibits like this one.. It doesn’t look impressive here, but once the lights start flashing and the figures started spinning, you can see the animation come to life in person!

After we shopped in the souvenir store and explored the area.. We took some last photos of the outside of the museum before heading off.

After the museum, we then looked for this coffee shop in the Tokyo suburbs known for their Totoro cream puff!



Japan fangirl travel: Ninja class!!

(Nov 28, 2014)

Besides sushi, temples, kimonos and animes.. Another item on my Japan bucketlist is knowing more about ninjas!! Since watching the anime Naruto, I’ve been hoping to find an activity where I can learn more about their culture and traditions, and hopefully dress up as a ninja for the day.. After some googling, I found one in this website here that offers a half day class within Tokyo.

Honestly I was a bit apprehensive about whether we will enjoy this given that there wasn’t a lot of reviews and I’m not familiar with this website.  I was half expecting this cheesy class that is geared towards younger kids…

Fortunately I was wrong and this ended up being another highlight of our trip!

The class was in an actual Ninja dojo and we started off with a demonstration from a ninja master..
IMG_1721.jpgAfter we got a crash course in the different tools and weapons that they commonly use.

And we ended with some short exercises.. my fave was throwing the ninja stars!

I recommend this for anyone who wants to know more about ninjas and who wants a different Japan experience than what you would get on tour groups..

Japan fangirl travel: Sushi making class!

(Nov 27, 2014)

Next item in my Japan wishlist is to go for sushi making classes.  Based on trip advisor reviews, I booked classes through this website.

Our host and teacher in the class is this lovely and kind housewife named Yuka Mazda.

The class was held inside her lovely home and she had all the ingredients ready for us when we arrived.

Here’s some pictures of the results of our class!

IMG_1556.jpgIMG_1575.jpgBesides the sushi, we were provided with a tofu dish appetizer, miso soup and some dessert after!! IMG_1585.jpg

It was a fun experience and well worth it! Make sure you go hungry as there is a lot of food to eat after 😀

Japan fangirl travel: Tsukiji market

(Nov 27, 2014)

After the stopover to Osaka/Kyoto, we were back in Tokyo and woke up bright and early to go to Tsukiji fish market!IMG_1128-2.jpgBut first thing before exploring, was to have breakfast.. a sushi breakfast! The two restaurants that are always recommended by blogs for quality sushi in Tsukiji market is Sushi Dai or Sushi Daiwa… It’s easy enough to find it since there’s always a long queue outside..
IMG_1104-2.jpgThe staff was really friendly and they have worked out a system to efficiently provide the dishes to customers without you feeling rushed to finish..IMG_1096-2.jpg

These are the different sushi dishes we got to try! Continue reading