Los Angeles!! Home to all things Hollywood and entertainment.. Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, Disney! I’ve only ever seen these things in movies and tv.. but finally I get to go here and experience it in person!!!

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First trip to US! (East Coast)

Another backlog post of one of the travels I went to last year.. My trip to the US!

Growing up constantly exposed to American TV shows and movies, America has been in my bucket list since I was a kid.. and I already knew which places I wanted to target in my first trip there: New York, LA and Vegas. The tricky part was how to plan the logistics and budget, since NYC is in the East Coast, while LA and Vegas was on the West.. and I only had 3 weeks to cover the whole trip.

For the East Coast, I booked a tour package with Tours4fun. It was a 6 day tour covering not just New York, but Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Boston and Niagara Falls (details of the package here http://www.tours4fun.com/6-day-east-coast-deluxe-tour-package.html). This is actually pretty cheap as it was buy 1 get 1 free, so with me and my parents, we just ended up paying for 2 people. I then booked an extra 2 days stay in New York to do some exploring on my own before heading off to Los Angeles.

The 1st day was a tour of New York city, some of the stopovers we went to are:

Took the cruise to see the Statue of Liberty..

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