4 days Taiwan itinerary

For more details on the itinerary, here’s the page with the details on where we stayed and what we covered each day.

My favorites from the trip are:


My Paris 4 day itinerary

by ozchinita

For those that have never been and are researching how to go about travelling in Paris, here’s a summary of my own itinerary as well as an estimate of costs.

Day 1: arrive in Paris – did nothing since we arrived late at night.
Day 2: whole day in Versailles
Day 3: Louvre / 1st and 3rd arrondissementSt Eustache / Seine River cruise
Day 4: Notre Dame / Trocadero / Arc Triomphe / Champ Elysee
Day 5: Bastille / Montmartre / Sacre Coeur / Opera Garnier & Lafayette Galleries

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