4 days Taiwan itinerary

For more details on the itinerary, here’s the page with the details on where we stayed and what we covered each day.

My favorites from the trip are:


Taiwan in 4 days: Food trip!

Besides night markets, we also went to various restaurants around the city to try out the dishes these places specialized in.

These are just a few spots that we got to while here..

Hot star fried chicken – Personally I thought it was okay but not a standout (still prefer KFC), but there are consistently long queues of both locals and tourists lining up to try this.. The chicken is huge and juicy and the skin is crunchy.. But what makes them different from other fried chicken is the flavor of their seasoning sprinkled outside the skin of the chicken.. And I appreciate that unlike other fast food shops, you see them cook it on the spot as you order… This is a well known street food in Taiwan, so have this as part of your must do when here!

Yong Kang beef noodle soup – Nothing weird or fancy, just simple comfort food that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling of home cooking..

Din Tai fung – famous for their dumplings, particularly the dumplings with soup inside called Xiao long bao.  Make sure to come here before lunch time if you want to avoid the long queues.  Din Tai Fung is already available in other Asian countries, but of course we still had to try it out from the original country it came from..

Mango snow ice from Smoothie house.. I still say nothing compares to fresh mangoes from the Philippines, but the standout is the texture of the snow ice.. It’s not chunky and was smooth and melt in your mouth..

Taiwan in 4 days: Jiufen village

My only must do (besides eating) for Taiwan was a daytrip to Jiufen – a mountain village known for it’s similarity to the downtown scene from the Japanese movie “Spirited Away”.
It’s just a small village, 2 hours away by car from Taipei, but it was like a whole different world from the city feel of Taipei.. I loved just walking around and taking pictures of this place!

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Taiwan in 4 days: Dihua street

More than any tourist attraction, my favorite places to look for in a country is towns/villages or streets that preserve their old way of life or local culture..

While searching the internet for any such places in the city, I saw mention of Dihua street.  It was exactly what I was hoping to see with all the old style buildings, signs and shops.

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Taiwan in 4 days: Longshan temple

Similar to a lot of Asian countries, Buddhism is a major religion in Taiwan.  As such there is a lot of temples scattered all over the city.

Since both me and my cousin have seen a lot of temples already from other countries, we didn’t really have seeing temples in our must do list.

But since this is one of the main touristy things to do while here in Taiwan, I picked one temple to go to for our itinerary… Longshan temple..

Honestly, if you have seen temples before, this won’t be very much different.. But if you haven’t travelled much around Asia before, the color and architecture of Buddhist temples is a worthwhile sight to see..IMG_2664.jpg IMG_2678.jpg

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Taiwan in 4 days: Night markets

Taiwan is best known for street food.. and the best place to get that is in night markets!

Here’s a quick peek into the night markets we got to go to and the sights along the way..

Shilin night market

you can’t skip out on drinking milk tea when in Taiwan..

fried milk! I wasn’t sure if I would like this but I ended up buying more after 😀 😀

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Taiwan in 4 days: Aquatic Addiction Development

(Sept 14, 2015)

Last year I wanted to fit in a short travel trip to an Asian country while I was visiting relatives in the Philippines.  Taiwan is a good option since the travel time from Phlippines isn’t long, it’s not an expensive place to travel to, and 4 days was enough time to go around.

This time around the itinerary we had planned was mainly focused on food (which Taiwan is known for), with sightseeing (and maybe some shopping) in between.

First food place we went to was a seafood market/food hall called  Aquatic Addiction Development.  When my cousin first suggested it and I heard it was a seafood market, I was expecting a wet market with smelly seafood all around..

So I was surprised to find the market looking like a posh food hall..IMG_2461.jpg

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